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Propane Hauling Professionals
September 25, 2019

One of the bulk products we haul most frequently is PROPANE 

What is propane?
▪️ An efficient + portable fuel composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms that is a derivative of natural gas processing + oil refining 🤓

Fun Facts!
▪️ The first known use of propane in Canada was in 1927 🇨🇦
▪️ In liquid form, propane is half the weight of water
▪️ Many Canadians rely on propane every day in their home, on the road, in agriculture, and in many industries
🏠 🚌🌾⛏️🏗️

Northern Resource Trucking hauled 84,519,064 Litres of propane in 2018.

Photo Credit: Nathan Veeman