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Millennials in Trucking
September 25, 2019

Millennials are approximately aged 18-36 (depending on who you ask!) and represent over 10 million Canadians. They make up 37% of the workforce, but less than 15% of the truck drivers. But why? 🤔

The trucking shortage has been a topic of concern for industry for some time now. Looking into the reasons millennials aren't entering the industry can give the industry insight in how to make changes. 🤨

What matters most to millennials?
🤳🏾 Personal branding
💰 Money talks
📱 Social media as a tool to catch their attention
🚧 Personal safety

📰 Check out the article to dive deeper into the millennial mind in regards to trucking! ⛟

💻 Author: Angela Splinter, Trucking HR Canada